Panorama Foundation ikut melawan corona dengan membantu menggalang dana untuk para tim medis yang sangat membutuhkan APD agar mereka dapat terus berjuang menuntaskan virus Covid-19.

Hasil donasi akan diberikan oleh Panorama Foundation berupa baju APD untuk tim medis rumah sakit yang kekurangan serta alat semprot dan disinfektan untuk masyarakat sekitar wilayah DKI yang terdampak Covid-19.

Lombok as one of top priority tourism destinations should be prepared and developed together with stakeholders. Panorama Foundation together with the NTB Provincial Government, GIZ (Germany state-owned enterprise), and local related industries developed the first welness tourism village in Lombok named Bilebante. Panorama itself has helped the development of this village since 2017 which has visited by foreign and domestic tourists. Bilebante is located in Central Lombok with the potential for natural, cultural and agro tourism tourism. Various experiences can be enjoyed such as village trekking, bicycling, and other activities programs with local people. These programs created and operated by local people, assisted by Panorama and other key stakeholders.

Panorama together with Bogor City Government and Politeknik Negeri Jakarta agreed to develop one Desa Wisata in Bogor named as Pulo Geulis. It is located at the heart of Bogor City surrounded by Ciliwung River which made the place called as Pulo or Pulau (Island). Pulo Geulis has long track of history where inside of this island lied an old vihara which built in 1703, the vihara named Pan Kho Bio. Every year when Cap Go Meh event held in Bogor with Barongsai parade, this village become one of the busiest place as the producer of Liong (head of dragon for Barongsai).

Travel for Change is a movement that creates travel opportunities for the less fortunate children of Indonesia. With hundreds of distinct ethnic groups, each with their own customs and traditions, Indonesia is the epitome of diversity and rich cultures. Regrettably due to financial constraints, the vast majority of the population are not privileged enough to experience the multitude of cultures.

Travel for Change aims to grant these children the opportunity to travel and learn about their country while preserving Indonesia’s heritage. It is as simple as organizing day trips and allowing them to explore local attractions. Through us, you and your company could aid one or more children to achieve this goal.

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