img aboutVision:

To be a tourism-based foundation that is strong, high-quality, authoritative and observes welfare with Panorama.


To strengthen synergies, mobilizing community awareness, education, arts and culture, and entrepreneurship business participation and strengthening donor community, through:

  • Increase People participation in tourism based social activities in Indonesia
  • Build inclusivity towards social and economic prosperity
  • Increase quality of human capital in tourism
  • Increase nature and culture conservatory in Indonesia


Our Movement program named as 'Panorama Indonesia'. It is a program to encourage people to love and respect Indonesia through tourism with the aim of fostering community awareness of tourist areas in the region. Our foundation in doing Movement based on: creating safety and orderly society, beauty, hospitality, and pleasant experience.


Our Sustainability program based on community development and empowerment related to the tourism industry. The basis of this activity is to make the tourism industry as an open business , where there are no exclusivity in doing business (inclusivity), so that its sustainability can be maintained by all parties.


Our Philanthropy program was the first program initially called as 'Panorama Peduli'. It is a social activity program to help others in need by focusing on disaster, humanitarian action, collective social action, and scholarships.

Our Partners